Complaints Procedure

WDTC makes competitors and club members aware of the complaints procedures that are available to them.

The complaints procedures fall into 3 categories:

  1. Incidents arising at NZKC Sanctioned Events
  2. Incidents arising at ‘NON’ NZKC Sanctioned Events, and
  3. General Complaints


Incidents Arising at NZKC Sanctioned Events

The procedure for dealing with incidents and complaints from NZKC sanctioned events is contained in section 19.13 of the NZKC Show Regulations, found here.

It is important that any incident around harsh handling or cruelty is reported immediately to the Show Manager or a member of the Waimakariri Dog Training Club committee. It is only then that any action, ie exclusion from the show, can be initiated. You should be aware that you may be required to supply a written report of the event and have an eye witness available to support your complaint.


Incidents Arising at ‘Non’ NZKC Sanctioned Events

The general procedure for incidents at Non NZKC sanctioned events has been provided by the Agility Committee. Please refer to this document should you wish to lay a complaint against the club or competitor. This complaint must be in writing and will be heard by the Committee at the next meeting and the process and outcome will be communicated to both parties. Please note that an anonymous complaint may be discussed by the committee if the committee decides to do so.


General Complaints

The grounds for the laying of general complaints against another NZKC member and the associated fees are detailed in sections 3 and 4 of the NZKC Settlement of Disputes Regulations. These sections can be viewed here. It is important to note that this complaint can only be lodged against a NZKC member.

If you wish to lodge a complaint that is not included in the above then please send your complaint to the club detailing the nature of your complaint, time and day of the complaint and who and what it relates to. Please be specific with your facts as a copy of your complaint will be issued to the other party should the committee decide it requires further action.