Games and Flygility Titles

Games Titles

GDX (Games Dog Excellent)

  • Fault (AgGrCh JGrCh Ticotonic It’s Not My Fault ADXG JDX SNX JAG GDX) – Border Collie (Lisa Duff)
  • Zing (AgGrCh JGrCh Amazingly Quickpaws ADXG JDX JAG GDX) Border Collie/Heading Dog (Lisa Duff)

GD (Games Dog)

  • App (JCh TT App of the Day ADX JDX GD) – Border Collie (Lisa Duff)

Flygility Titles

FDCH (Flygility Champion)

  • Quiz (AgGrCh2 JGrCh3 FDCh Quizmeister ADXG JDX FDX SNX JAG) – Border Collie (Roselle Bremmers)

FDX (Flygility Dog Excellent)

  • Quiz (AgGrCh2 JGrCh2 Quizmeister ADXG JDX FDX) – Border Collie (Roselle Bremmers)
  • Asha (Glencarron Brimful of Asha JDX FDX) – Border Collie (Glenda Moody)

FD (Flygility Dog)

    • Teezsa (Szamor Belltarn Teezsa ADX FD) – Hungarian Vizsla (Sue McKee)
    • Zoom (AgCh Zoom ADXB UDX FD) – NZ Heading Dog (Lisa Duff)
    • Tui (AgGrCh Tui Tip’O Tail ADXG FD) – Border Collie/Labrador (Anne Godfrey)