Agility Classes

PLEASE NOTE: Agility is a high energy environment for dogs, and good off lead control of your pet will be essential for you both and everyone else to enjoy our classes listed below.

We reserve the right to request that your dog obtain further obedience and/or control skills before continuing in any of our classes.

Pre-Agility / Introduction to Agility

(Dogs aged over 12 months)

Wednesday Evenings  6:30pm – 7:30pm

For dogs aged 12 months onwards who are new to the sport of agility.

Our Pre-Agility course focuses on developing a positive working bond between dog & handler, handling skills, and an introduction to the basic agility equipment.

Class numbers are kept low to ensure the best instruction so bookings are essential.

For more information, phone our info line (03 327-6900) & leave a message regarding pre-agility or complete the enquiry form on this website  here.


Learning Handling, Weaves and introduction to Contacts

Tuesday Evenings  6:30 – 7.30pm

Introduction to more handling techniques and new skills after graduation from pre-agility


Introduction to Starters competitions

Tuesday Evenings – 7.30pm – 8.30pm

This Starters class follows on from the Beginners course.

Here the aim is to introduce more of the standard equipment & teach further handling skills so both dog & handler have confidence to negotiate basic courses, and you can start on your competing career.


Introduction to Novice and Intermediate competitions

Tuesday Evenings – 6.30pm – 7.30pm

This class follows on from the Starters class.

Here the aim is to introduce more of the contact equipment & teach further handling skills so both dog & handler have confidence to negotiate more advanced courses, as you will now be established in your competing career.


For dogs and/or handlers who have experience at Intermediate/Senior level

Tuesday Evenings – 7.30pm – 8.30pm

For handlers who are competing in Intermediate and Senior at Championship level, or who had had dogs previously at this level and have a clear training plan.  In this class, more advanced Intermediate handling & course negotiation skills are developed, including tighter turns, handling the back of the jump, faster contacts, and handling at a distance.  Our instructors are experienced senior handlers so their knowledge is drawn on to provide expertise to our handlers.

Progression between classes

Progression criteria from Beginners to Starters will be as follows:

  1. Good attempts at the 12 pole weaves
  2. A basic 2 on 2 off and a nose target.

Progression criteria between all other classes is at the discretion of the Head Instructor in discussion with other class Instructors