Health and Safety

In our operations we expect everyone to look after each other and report any safety hazards, either at shows or training nights. We aim for zero harm to participants, both human and canine.

The Club has a Health and Safety Officer, currently Jan Evans-Freeman and regular undergoes safety audits of its own equipment, including testing and tagging of all electrical equipment as required by legislation.

We have carried out a risk assessment of the equipment and the activities of the club, which is regularly reviewed by the committee. You can request a copy from Jan if you wish.

We will provide a H&S briefing at all our shows.

We will identify our trained first-aiders at all our shows.

We will undertake to remedy hazards promptly, and ensure zero harm comes to humans or dogs

Although as a non-salary organisation we are technically not covered by the new Health and Safety Act 2016, we consider that agility has the potential to be a hazardous sport and therefore we take H&S very seriously.