Canine fitness

Agility is a physical and demanding sport for dogs. At Waimak we care for the wellbeing or our dogs (as well as our humans) and strive to make the sport fun and safe for our canine teams.

There are a few things you can do to help your canine friend too.

You will see that most agility dogs are pretty slim  – this is deliberate. Jumping and sudden changes of direction or heights places a strain on the dog’s joints, and we can help them avoid injury by keeping them a sensible, or even a light, weight.

Sometimes a dog may limp a little after a run – even if you don’t notice it often someone else may, and they will let you know so you can care for your canine friend.

If your dog has had a heavy crash, or looks uncomfortable after a run, stop, pack up for a while, and maybe even go home if the dog is unhappy. Let the dog rest and if they tell you that they are still unhappy after a little while, get professional help. Your vet is a good place to start.

Other helpful links:

Professional dog physiotherapy is a growing science. The nearest dog physio clinic to the club is Animal Physio Clinic in Rangiora, and also they are in Ferrymead, if you want advice on keeping you furry friend happy and flexible throughout their agility career (and into their older age).